be inspired by the extraordinary thoughts and stories of ordinary people
WISDOMS Chats invites passionate people who want to make a positive difference in society to share in free-flow conversations 
Thoughts, ideas and stories to set a positive tone for the day and get you thinking in your life.
"I'm intrigued as to what brings each back to this platform every morning - can you write your reason in the chatbox?" - Trevor

"It's the best way to start a day - sets the tone." - Scelo

"It makes me think more about life and I love to each each person's point of view." - Stella

"Thoughtful conversations. Being challenged intellectually. Sharpens the saw." - Hermann

"Keeps me positive and optimistic." - Mpho

"I value the experience of making a contribution that may be helpful to others." - Ian

"I value growth and I learn from what everyone shares." - Jenny All Rights Reserved.