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Here are the six STATIONS that map your road ahead. Within each lie the clues to your richly, transformed life!

The DifferenceMaker

10 foundational principles to make a difference in your life by making a difference in the lives of others. Articles and videos provide content. Questions give you pause to ponder and action points are given to implement.


Initiative is about self-motivation and efficacy. You CAN do it! 
It starts with how well you are taking care of yourself. This highly informative workbook is packed with tools to enhance your well-being holistically.


9 conversations and stories on topics relevant to leadership, taking fresh angles based on opinions expressed. Gives you food for thought from many different angles. 


8 separate modules packed with life-changing knowledge and insights and reflective questions. A journey that includes examining what you put into your mind, your life purpose, dealing with failure, and managing life's transitions.


Access talks from 8 international speakers who shared powerful life stories, expert insights and in-depth research at the WISDOMS™ Global Summit. You too can join enriching conversations to share and learn with others.


In tough times it's essential to peel away complexity to get to the 1,2 or 3 things that will move your business to the next level. Read The Fixer, practical business lessons that really work. Hear too, directly from the authors.  
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- over 100 collective years of research, insights & experiences in providing high-ticket premium training & development programs (priced in the many thousands of dollars.. and more) for high-profile corporate & entrepreneurial business enterprises
- the recordings of the WISDOMS™ Global Summit alone is WORTH A FORTUNE! To just get all these business experts from around the world together in a One Day Masterclass is considered an incredible effort & their collective information shared is a unique one-off.  And, this is only one part of the six sections! 
- quality, unique, thinking resources and engaging conversations with other PASSIONATE, THINKING people for life-long learning on this great adventure of life! 
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